Winner Fine Arts Spring 2019 Scholarship Program: Maria Bueno

MARIA BUENO of Goodyear, Arizona is majoring in Painting at Arizona State University. She was awarded one of the two  Fine Arts Scholarships in the Spring 2019 Scholarship Program after submitting her watercolor “St. Anne’s Church in Molo, Illoilo City, Philippines”.

St. Anne's Church in Molo, Illoilo City, Philippines 21.75x14

“St. Anne’s Church in Molo, Illoilo City, Philippines” 2018 © Maria Bueno 21.75×14 Watercolor

Maria’s  goal is to work as a freelance Illustrator in magazines, newspapers, and books.

In her student statement she wrote: Right now, I work in a graphics position for State Press, ASU’s digital campus newspaper. I dedicate 8-10 hours every week for 2-4 header graphics that appear for the articles written by students. The topics that I interpret concern political events and opinions. Also, apart from my article graphics, the magazine has run two of my independent cartoons titled, “Historical Figures in College” and “Sparky Variation Challenge.”

I have interest in Byzantine iconography, political cartooning, caricature, character design, concept art, jewelry making, forensic art, and art history.

I look up to many historically significant artists including Gustave Dore, Edmund Dulac, Michelangelo, and John Singer Sargent. I admire Gustave Dore for his composition, beautiful technique, and storytelling application. My favorite Dore works are his etchings of Dante’s Divine Comedy. Like Dore, I also love Edmund Dulac for his composition, color, and storytelling. My favorite works of his are his illustrations of The Little Mermaid. I admire Michelangelo for his application of art to theology, rendering of the human figure, and philosophy of excellence in art. My favorite Michelangelo artwork is the Sistine Chapel where God gives life to Adam. I very much enjoy John Singer Sargent for his beautifully executed and composed portraits and landscapes. These artists are my ‘heroes.’

A large portion of my independent body of work regards fairy tales and myths, stories of relationships, and parodies of historical figures. I have had one show at Stark Gallery in Phoenix and have also done chalk performance art for the City of Goodyear.

By the end of my career, I hope to benefit society by inspiring my audience to see art as more than just an impractical indulgence.

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