Honorable Mention Fine Art Spring 2019 Scholarship Program: Allison Boyle

Both of the students receiving an honorable mention commendation in the Spring 2019 Fine Arts Scholarship program are studying Illustration at Eileen Monaghan Whitaker’s alma mater – Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston. 

"After A Long Day" 2018 © Allison Boyle 12x18 inches

“After A Long Day” 2018 © Allison Boyle 12×18 inches

ALLISON BOYLE of Stow, Massachusetts is majoring in Illustration at Massachusetts College of Art in Boston, Massachusetts. She received an Honorable Mention Commendation in Fine Arts in the Spring 2019 Whitaker Foundation Scholarship Program. In her student statement she wrote: I love using watercolor to create my illustrations. It’s currently my strongest and go-to medium. My goals for art are to background paint and do concept art for movies and shows; as well as becoming a muralist. I am also considering getting my masters in teaching. My interest for mural painting comes from wanting my art to beautify cities. Though, I not painting murals yet I do enjoy giving to different communities with programs like Habitat for Humanity. I hope to make the lives of everyone who sees my murals more positive; if only for the moment they taking in the imagery. I love attempting realism and am also interested in distorted reality and surrealism. My work is full of bright colors, realism, and expressive mark making.

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