Honorable Mention Fine Art Spring 2019 Scholarship Program: Elizabeth Ogle

Both of the students receiving an honorable mention commendation in the Spring 2019 Fine Arts Scholarship program are studying Illustration at Eileen Monaghan Whitaker’s alma mater – Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston. 

"The Writer's Boudoir" 2018 © Elisabeth Boudoir 10x20 inches

“The Writer’s Boudoir” 2018 © Elisabeth Ogle 10×20 inches Watercolor

ELIZABETH OGLE of Boston, Massachusetts  was honored for her watercolor “The Writer’s Boudoir”. She is majoring in Illustration. She plans on working at a publishing house, and after a few years, move into freelance work as an illustrator and cover designer for both children’s and adult literature.

She wrote in her student statement: Watercolor is by far my favorite medium to work in. To me, its luminescence demands that the artist observe and translate the subject matter as light. Working in watercolor, particularly from observation, has helped me to progress as a painter and as an illustrator by encouraging this mode of seeing. I love the way that watercolor preserves the texture of the paper beneath, lending the illustration a kind of “grain.” Many of my illustrations are highly detailed, and with watercolor, I can showcase that detail with crisp precision. I sometimes enjoy using touches of colored pencil and/or pigma microns for such details, and appreciate the way that watercolor lends itself to combination with dry media.

I am a bookmaker as well as an illustrator, and I often use watercolor for the illustrations in my books. I recently designed, illustrated, and bound a book with five original watercolor illustrations depicting Homer’s The Odyssey, the pages of which, when spread flat, form the shape of a Greek key. I presented this project at last year’s Undergraduate Research Conference at UMass Amherst.For the past three years, I have been working on a novel and character illustrations which focus on humanism and the empowerment of women. I hope to complete the manuscript (with watercolor illustrations) before I graduate, and to publish the book with a good publishing house.

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