Abigail DeVizia – Spring 2017 Scholarship Winner

Meet Abigail DeVizia, a Senior at Kutztown University, who is majoring in Fine Arts. We would like to congratulate Ms. DeVizia on being selected as one of three recipients of our Frederic Whitaker and Eileen Monaghan Whitaker Foundation Scholarships for the Spring 2017 term:

“As an undergraduate art student, I have spent a great deal of time visiting museums and learning from the works displayed there.  While I am concentrating on my work as a painter, I have decided to focus my career towards gallery or museum service while simultaneously investing time in my own portfolio.  This way, I can educate others in art history and art production while still educating myself on a daily basis…

In my recent body of work, I drew inspiration for my watercolor landscapes from a town near where I grew up.  Port Jervis, New York, has been repeatedly abandoned by the government, and so the education systems are failing and crime occurs at an increasing rate.  Through painting these landscapes of vacant spaces I can tell stories of loss that equate with my interest in painting mundane and overlooked places.

I have held a few exhibitions with the campus galleries and these shows have featured my oil paintings and my watercolor landscapes. When I am not engaged with exhibiting my art, I am employed in the Marlin and Regina Miller Gallery on campus…By this time as a senior, I am pursuing internships at museums and galleries within a commuting distance of home in anticipation of my  graduation… 

For me to receive the Frederic Whitaker and Eileen Monaghan Whitaker Foundation Scholarship would open up a host of opportunities for me to continue my art and to be recognized by a larger national community.”

Conrad Oil, 2016 ©Abigail DeVizia

For Rent, 2016 ©Abigail DeVizia

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